iPECS Cloud communications platform evolves with your business

The next step in the evolution of the business communication system, iPECS Cloud
enables you to integrate all your communication and collaboration tools


Scale as you evolve

Enjoy one-size-fits-all scalability from a solution that benefits businesses of all sizes. If you plan to expand, the iPECS Cloud will expand with you.

Work your way

Work flexibly and work mobile with cloud telephony that adapts to your way of doing things. Take the hassle out of hot-desking. And if your team works offsite, they can take the cloud with them on any device.

Save costs without compromise

No more needless expense on international or external calls. No more outdated hardware to maintain or replace. Just a no-fuss cloud communication system that stays up-to-date.

Work together anywhere

Empower your team with cloud collaboration tools that make working together easy. Bring everyone together – through voice, video, instant messaging, file sharing, and more.

Simplify your communications

Get your team trained quickly, thanks to an easy-to-learn, intuitive interface that looks and acts the same on any device.

Tailor to your needs

Choose the apps and integrations you need to improve your business efficiency. Add-ons include CRM, Skype for business, call recording, and analytics.

Migrate to Cloud

Smooth migration to Cloud

Cloud services are now commonplace in the IT industry.
Ericsson-LG Enterprise provides various migration options for iPECS Cloud with proven technology for the best business communications.

Cloud service model

We offer the freedom to create a Cloud business that best suits your business model. You can build your own solutions and sales model to meet your needs and capacity. If you have invested in iPECS assets already, these can also be utilized together with iPECS Cloud.

Optimum investment

Thanks to the smart licensing scheme of iPECS Cloud, you can control the platform capacity and all applications efficiently, so you can easily get a Cloud solution while still protecting your IT resources. With iPECS Cloud, you will experience the same reliable and high-quality communications you’re used to with your existing on-premise solution. iPECS Cloud is simply the best answer to both meet your needs and minimize upfront investment for your business communications solution.

End-to-end solutions for Cloud service

iPECS Cloud is an end-to-end solution including a wide range of applications and endpoints. Enterprise grade PBX features can be delivered in the Cloud and it is possible to start up new Cloud-based businesses with minimal upfront set up costs.

Evolve your business with iPECS Cloud

All about Cloud communications


Communication Platform

iPECS Cloud is a  Best-In-Class UCaaS solution  accommodated to the cloud environment. Whatever your business size, future-proof your systems with scalable cloud solutions that allow your team to work from anywhere.


Phones & Devices

A hardware range to last the test of time, developed by a telecoms powerhouse. From simple desk phones to fully featured executive handsets, all your needs are covered.



iPECS collaboration tools connect your team, freeing them to share their strengths without fuss or additional admin. Empower your team to create bigger outcomes.



A rich suite of cloud apps to help you boost productivity, increase customer engagement, and monitor vital system hardware status and resources.


Stay connected with
your team and communicate
anywhere, anytime

iPECS Cloud

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