Maintenance & SWA

Keep your business up to date with the full value of iPECS solutions

iPECS Software Assurance is the baseline product of Ericsson-LG Enterprise’s support offerings, designed to maximize the value of iPECS solutions for effective business communications. With iPECS Software Assurance, up to date system features protect your investment and reduce operational risks.

Rapidly changing market

Among all the industries, the IT industry is one of the most swiftly changing. New features, functionalities and software for business collaborations are constantly appearing.

Investment protection

Users want to protect their investments by delivering enhanced value for the products, including the latest features. While keeping systems and applications current, achieving a positive ROI and maximizing employees’ work efficiency is key for business success.

Reduce operational risk

Beyond just maintaining the updated features, it’s absolutely crucial to fulfill security patch updates whenever necessary in order to reduce operational risk and protect your business from any potential security vulnerabilities.

Demand for new terminals and apps

iPECS provides a wide-ranging product portfolio that includes systems, terminals and applications. Like systems, terminals and applications are constantly coming out in new or updated forms. However, these may not work on old versions of system software.


Always staying up to date

iPECS Software Assurance ensures that you are up to date with the latest software. By doing this it ensures that you can deliver the latest features and enhancements to your employees to increase productivity.

Accessing new and improved features

iPECS Software Assurance gives you immediate access to newly released software without additional costs during the term of your agreement. With this access you can easily obtain new and improved features to accelerate the efficiency of your business communications.

Higher Availability, Stability and Security

iPECS Software Assurance provides the latest patches reducing operational risk. The latest software includes bug fixes, security patches and updates to key features. It will keep your business communications stable and secure.

Enjoying new end-points and applications

With iPECS Software Assurance, you can easily enjoy new end-points and applications through updating your system software without latency to improve the working environment.

Key service offering

Upgrade / updates with new features (Common features only)

Enhancement of existing features

Software patch updates

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