Call Recording

Secure, user-friendly cloud-based call recording for business

Analyze and improve agent performance. Resolve customer complaints better and with more transparency. Identify areas of improvement in customer experience. Advanced call recording pushes service to the next level.


Make service exceptional

Maximize agent performance by analyzing calls, reviewing performance and eliminating mistakes. Call recording is essential for quality assurance and complaint resolution. Choose the web-based solution that makes it easy.

Store easily

Efficient file compression maximizes storage capacity so you can keep as many calls as you need for as long as you need. Enjoy numerous search and sort options including date, time and number, so you can organize and delete as required.

Stay safe

Recordings are encrypted, keeping sensitive information secure. Choose between automatic or on-demand recording and add an option to request caller consent. Configure according to your own compliance requirements to optimize security and ensure best practice.

Key Features

  • Download multiple call recording files
  • File compression to reduce HDD storage
  • Automatic call recording / on demand call recording option
  • Recording storage limit alarm notification
  • Consent request announcement option
  • Search options (date/time, duration, phone number)

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