Business Size

Get your small business expansion-ready with Unified Communications (UC)

With iPECS UC platforms, you can transform business communications and collaboration. UC consolidates all communications into a single location, enabling you to respond rapidly and keep pace. Boost productivity at every level of your organization with time-saving collaboration tools. If you plan to expand, iPECS platforms can easily scale with you. Embrace the future of communications.

Cost management

All successful businesses must keep costs under control. For smaller businesses, this need is even greater – cashflow management can be the difference between success and failure. It is essential to rationalize costs to ensure that you have the means to keep going forward.


As the cost of goods and services increases, it is essential to keep pace. An intelligent growth strategy should encompass all aspects of business, including communications platforms. Scalability is an important factor in choosing systems as it allows businesses to adjust their size dynamically.

Good communication

Communication can make or break a business. When it’s bad, everything suffers. Productivity declines as information gets lost, while morale drops as wires are crossed. Good communication, powered by technology, accelerates everyday processes and enables better teamwork and service.


Expand with ease

iPECS UC platforms are seamlessly scalable, meaning that you can adjust them to your needs. Scale up or down as your business changes, without burdensome extra costs. This means you can have a system that matches both your current requirements and your ambitions.

Boost productivity

Use UC to make every level of your business more efficient. Make teamwork easy with collaboration tools that accelerate projects. UC makes instant messages, emails, call logs and all other communications accessible from anywhere.

Control costs

UC is a great way to keep operating costs at a manageable level. IP calls reduce call costs. Save on unnecessary expense with every efficiency boost from unifying your communications systems, so that you can work toward security and growth.

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