Secure connections anytime, anywhere

Modern finance is an industry where every second counts. It demands instant, mobile and reliable communications across time zones. At the same time, security and data protection are essential. iPECS offers a powerful range of communications platforms that offer convenience without sacrificing compliance.

Security and stability

As a high-value industry that spans multiple jurisdictions, the financial sector is one of the most tightly regulated in the world. To meet these standards and maintain trust, high security standards and stable systems are essential. Vulnerability to fraud, downtime or data breaches is not an option.

Reputation and relationships

Whether your business is with large investors, other firms or retail customers, they all expect high standards. It’s not enough to be reliable – you have to be seen to be reliable. In finance, success depends on reputation. Managing your relationships is essential to your company’s standing.

Instant communications

In an industry where trades and decisions are made to the second, communications must keep up. In a highly mobile industry like finance, it’s important to be in touch on the go. Mobility and Unified Communications (UC) tools give full access to systems and multi-channel communications from anywhere.


Stay secure, stay available

Stay compliant and maintain trust with a secure communications platform your clients and customers can trust. Stay available with multiple levels of redundancy and stay safe with end-to-end encryption. Protect your reputation with outstanding levels of availability and security.

Connect faster

Choose a platform that enhances productivity and efficiency by accelerating communication. With UC, all communications methods are integrated into a single system accessible from anywhere. Quickly see call logs or voice mails in a single location so you can always help people at the speed they expect.

Work mobile

Benefit from a platform that enables you to take the office with you. Video conference, collaborate and remain connected from anywhere. Get secure system access wherever you are. iPECS mobility tools enhance communications by enabling you to embrace an increasingly mobile world.

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