Be there for your patients 24/7

Speeding up everyday communication can benefit any organization. But in healthcare, saving time can save lives. iPECS Unified Communications (UC) tools consolidate all communications into one secure, high-availability system to enhance operational efficiency.


As holders of the most sensitive personal information, healthcare providers need the most robust security possible. This is especially true in an age of growing cybersecurity threats and public concern over data protection. In healthcare, where breaches are so damaging, patient trust is paramount.


Healthcare professionals are in constant motion. Whether they move between hospital departments or multiple sites, mobility is a daily requirement. During emergencies and for the sake of efficiency, it is essential that communication continues while workers are on the move.


In healthcare, timely and accurate communication can save lives. At the same time, there is constant pressure to keep budgets under control. It is essential to boost efficiency wherever possible to meet the dual challenge of saving costs and improving patient outcomes.


Choose Reliability

With iPECS redundant and high-availability solutions, you can trust that your communications will stay active. Avoid downtime with automatic failover between sites so that your clients can reach you whenever they need.

Tailor to your needs

All healthcare providers have different needs. Find the iPECS solution that meets yours. Support receptionists with productivity-boosting applications. Keep mobile professionals in touch with mobility tools. Choose ruggedized hardware for tough environments. Whatever the need, iPECS can help.

Keep up the pace

Choose a system that expedites communication and accelerates work. Quickly leave important notes for colleagues. Video conference or use instant chat to keep up to date from anywhere. In an environment where every second matters, choose a user-friendly platform that saves time.

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