Contact Center

Modernize customer contact

Make life simpler for yourself and your customers with a multi-channel cloud contact center. Make your business even more accessible and productive, with a single system for handling calls, emails and instant messaging.


Be there for customers

Help customers in the way that suits them, with multi-channel communications. Whether they want to use the phone, instant messaging, or email, do it all from the same efficiency-boosting system.

Analyze easily

Schedule pre-defined statistical reports on key metrics to keep your team on track and monitor productivity. Easily monitor in real time to gain valuable insights into your operational efficiency.

Enhance with add-ons

Integrate your existing CRM to bring your contact center and customer operations into a single, accessible place. Seamlessly integrate with other productivity-boosting iPECS tools and platforms.

Key Features

  • Multi-Channel Cloud Contact Center
  • Contextual analysis of incoming customer interactions
  • Knowledge management service
  • Simple, efficient reporting and monitoring
  • Easy CRM integration

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