Advancing digital government through Unified Communications (UC)

Connected citizens need connected government. The digital age has brought more opportunities for efficiency, communication and cost-saving in government service provision. It has also created new and ongoing security challenges. Meet those challenges and embrace those opportunities with a communications system to power good governance.


Security is an essential component of any organization’s digital transformation strategy. For government, the stakes are even higher. Protecting personal, sensitive and confidential information is a 24/7 necessity. It is imperative to have a system that supports this duty.

Interdepartmental collaboration

Since so many policies and challenges are relevant to multiple departments, more governments are embracing interdepartmental collaboration. The need for joined-up government is increasingly pressing, to reduce waste and encourage unity of purpose.

Responsible spending

There is always pressure to spend public money responsibly. Citizens expect good, efficient service without waste. One of the great challenges of good government is striking that balance. To meet the challenge, it is essential to have efficient communication systems without compromising on quality.


Be secure

Protect citizens’ data and keep government communication secure with industry-leading end-to-end encryption. Choose a solution with robust security that you and your citizens can trust.

Connect with the public

Make departments accessible to the public with efficiency-boosting communication platforms. Open up government with a multi-channel contact center that enables citizens to get in touch by whichever method they prefer.

Spend less, achieve more

As well as enhancing productivity, digital transformation enables intelligent cost saving. iPECS Unified Communications (UC) platforms boost efficiency by consolidating all communications into a single system. By speeding up processes, you can deliver more to citizens while spending less.

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