Training Service

Level up your technical qualifications and competencies

Ericsson-LG Enterprise has a multi-level curriculum that provides in-depth understanding and easy implementation of the capabilities of each solution and provides training certificate programs to qualified professionals.

Multi-Level Curriculum

With multi-level and wide portfolio training courses, we aim to improve understanding of products and technologies so that partners can operate their solutions efficiently.

Training Certificate Program

The Training Certificate Program certifies trainees have professional product knowledge and technical competence, enabling them to work more efficiently and productively.

Hands-On Training

Practical, as well as theory-based, training is conducted in a training center equipped with hands-on equipment.

We provide technical training programs to Ericsson-LG Enterprise's partners and customers to systematically provide information about its products and technologies through expert instructors.

We offer a wide range of product courses, from training in Unified Communications solutions to training in a variety of system products and Cloud solutions. This aims to maximize the operational efficiency of our solutions through improved understanding of our products and systematic training of technical personnel. In addition with hands-on training we train those who can be directly put into practice, and provide benefits associated with the channel partner program to the recipients.

We offer and operate 'product experts' courses in various systems products and integrated communication solutions required by the market. In particular, we will support the skilled workforce needed in the Unified Communications (UC) era with our associated training for the enterprise communications product line.

Training Course

Do you want to make the most of the services offered by Ericsson-LG Enterprise?
Check out iPECS technical training courses.

Training Curriculum

Partner focused multi-level training program that delivers a better understanding of iPECS solutions from the installation and operation perspective.

Course Application

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