iPECS Analytics

The call analytics app that helps you strive for perfection

Gain valuable insights into your customer interactions with cloud-based call analytics software. Build productivity with a best-in-class customizable reporting, analytics and resource management app.


Deliver even better

Forge a culture of continuous improvement with rich, customizable analytics. Get details on the KPIs that affect your business and customers so you can strive to improve on what matters. Display metrics live on a wallboard to keep agents motivated to deliver the best service.

Analyze with ease

Unlike on-premise tools, there’s no installation – just sign up, sign in, and analyze. Enrich analytics with a straightforward interface and quick configuration. Schedule reports or view in real time and access from anywhere. Make life simpler with cloud-based reporting that’s always there when you need.

Improve efficiency

Customize the reports you need to measure and improve resources efficiency. See when you’re busiest and allocate resources as needed. Use call tracking to see where failed calls were terminated, to spot problems, and create solutions.

Deliver a superior CX

iPECS Analytics can be included as part of an iPECS Cloud call center solution together with IVR, Call recording, ACD routing and CRM integration. Learn about customers’ needs, and the way your team supports them with iPECS Analytics.

Key Features

  • Extension (terminal), trunk status display
  • Call response analysis – Grade of Service
  • Summary report – 5 min/hour/day/week/month stats
  • Real time monitoring for ACD groups and Hunt groups
  • Real time summary for agent call and group call
  • Instant notification – missed call threshold settings
  • Customizable dashboard
  • Easy manage – scheduled, email, download, favorite

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