The easy way to receive and send fax online, even without a fax machine

iPECS WebFAX allows you to send and receive faxes through a web portal, eliminating the need for a physical fax machine. It gives your team cutting-edge fax functionality and makes managing messages a breeze.


Send faxes without a fax machine

The easy-to-use web fax service that removes the need for expensive hardware. Send and receive fax messages through a web portal without the need for a fax machine. Easily keep track of your sent and received faxes via email notifications, avoiding any missed messages.

Save time and effort

Your team will save time by accessing their fax messages from their desktop PC or other web connected devices. There’s no need to walk to the fax machine or wait for long sending times. You can send faxes from a browser without the need to scan or print documents.

Get feature-rich fax

iPECS WebFAX brings advanced online fax services to your team. It’s simple to send faxes immediately or schedule for a future time. Make your messages richer by attaching multiple files including PDFs and JPGs. Never worry about junk messages with a smart spam filter.

Key Features

  • One number for multiple users
  • Email notifications for received and sent faxes
  • Scheduled sending
  • Attach multiple files
  • Spam management
  • Access FAX via web portal
  • Auto retransmit
  • Address book

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