Auto Attendant

The virtual receptionist that keeps you connected

Manage incoming calls better than ever, twenty-four hours per day. Easily route your calls to where they need to be and quickly get your customers’ calls to the right person or department.


Project your professionalism

Maintain a professional image 24/7 with an always-on auto-attendant. When you receive calls out of office hours, automatically keep your customers informed of when they can call again.

Customize your message

Record multiple messages that automatically kick in according to the time of calls. Adjust messages and menu options easily, so you can always adapt to customer needs.

Route calls better

Set your options to ensure that your customers always get the right department. Reduce wasted calls, so you can help customers better and boost productivity.

Key Features

  • Vacancy announcement
  • Call barring profile
  • Mobile extension call-through via auto-attendant
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Scenario design tool
  • Time zone scheduling
  • Flexible announcement
  • Automatic call transfer

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