Simpler and smarter conference calls

An audio-conferencing system that offers more security, more control and less admin.


Make meetings easy

No more travel costs or inconvenience to gather everyone together. Keep your team in touch without the hassle. Schedule a time, invite guests via a simple interface and you’re ready to go.

Stay on point

Each conference has a moderator to keep things on track, with full control over each guest’s mic and speaker. Include an agenda in the invite and make each call as structured or as lively as you need.

Connect with confidence

No uninvited guests. No one listening in. No sharing data with a third-party host. Email invites contain a 9-digit authentication code. All calls have end-to-end encryption. Own your conference bridge and safeguard your communications.

Key Features

  • Full audio control over all participants
  • Web-based management
  • Conference reservation calendar
  • Register up to 800 users
  • Authentication code for security
  • End-to-end encryption

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