Connect all of your outlets and all of your customers, all of the time

It’s a significant challenge to manage online sales along with multiple stores in multiple locations. Meet that challenge and thrive, with a powerful range of efficiency-boosting iPECS tools. Through Unified Communications (UC), you can consolidate all business communications into a single place. Use all this to ensure you’re operating more smoothly than ever.

Centralized communication

For managing multiple stores, online sales or both, centralized communication is essential. You need to be able to share information, handle customer queries and resolve problems rapidly to stay on track and ensure unity of purpose. UC is an important development in meeting this challenge.

Customer satisfaction

Online reviews and social media are the new global word of mouth. In an age of unprecedented consumer choice, good service has never been more important, while bad reviews can be disastrous. It is essential to maintain a standard of service that customers remember for the right reasons.


All businesses have to manage costs. But with more and more competition online and many stores struggling, there is extra pressure on the retail sector. A communications system that speeds up important processes can make a vital difference. Technology that saves time saves money.


Unify your communications

Through iPECS UC platforms you can transform communication at every level of your business by integrating all business communications tools into a single system. Empower collaboration and enterprise mobility. Enable easy conferencing from anywhere. UC truly is the new frontier of business communications.

Meet customer needs

With iPECS technologies you can efficiently and quickly resolve customer queries and deliver the high standards of service they expect. Productivity-boosting contact center and analytics tools can enhance efficiency and ensure an outstanding customer experience.

Increase efficiency, reduce cost

Benefit from tools that accelerate everyday processes and keep your business moving. Network management tools maintain system availability. Analytics tools help you allocate resources according to need. Move communications infrastructure to cloud environment for cost saving and future proof investment. UC keeps communication simple. Choose the solution that allows you to do more with less.

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