Business Needs

Notify and communicate with your team during emergency situations

Give your team complete peace of mind. iPECS Emergency Solution facilitates real-time mass notifications and communications, helping to enable quick responses and avoid disarray during critical events.

Protecting your team

The safety of your team members is paramount especially in the unfortunate event of an emergency. Communicating effectively during a critical period can avoid chaotic reactions and lead to positive outcomes.

Reliable response

Having a reliable and effective communication solution in place during an emergency means that all team members and visitors can receive real-time notifications. You should be able to trust in the system you have in place for emergency communications.

Keeping the right people informed

During an emergency, transmitting the right information to the right people is of utmost importance. Being able to target specific groups of people with key information can ensure everyone only receives essential information that is relevant to them.


Trust in your emergency communications system

Due to the high availability of the iPECS Emergency Solution, you can trust it to be there for you during a crisis. Use your communications platform as an ultra-reliable emergency notification system.

Stay in continuous contact

Send audible and visual notifications directly to your employees’ existing iPECS handsets or applications. Be ready with a mass notification system that allows you to send secure updates to mitigate any negative consequences of a crisis.

Reach everyone with relevant news

Notifications can be targeted to specific groups in order to ensure team members receive information that is directly relevant to their situation. The audience grouping feature allows you to segment your teams into groups in order to ensure the safety of all.

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