Business Needs

Next-level customer experience and communications

iPECS Contact Center is a feature rich solution that handles customer requirements effectively. Integrate with your CRM and customize analytics to promote a dynamic, adaptable, customer-centric approach.

Customer Experience

With the rise of social media, customers have more power and influence than ever. Businesses that mistreat customers risk going viral for all the wrong reasons. Getting it right matters. In a new age of consumer power, customer service is the new marketing.


Customer service teams rely on cutting-edge tools to perform as productively as possible. Nowhere is this more apparent than in a modern contact center environment. iPECS tools are proven to boost the output of agents by speeding up everyday tasks and simplifying administration.


When you handle a high volume of inbound or outbound calls, it’s essential to monitor and evaluate the data produced to gain insights into your operation. iPECS Contact Center tools allow you to customize and automate reporting, so you always know how you’re doing.


Integrate your CRM

An all-inclusive solution that integrates customer contact with your CRM and call logs, so you can help quickly and with confidence. Agents can view customer information instantly and automatically and leave notes with vital information. Make excellence easy.

Utilize analytics

Enrich KPI evaluation, manage call volume and make smarter decisions with a powerful analytics add-on. Real-time monitoring helps to realize a rapid problem-solving culture. Assess and boost agent productivity with customizable reporting so you can always put the customer first.

Compliance and Security

Enjoy the protection of industry-leading encryption to keep your calls and customer information safe. You and your customers can rest easy with a secure system that meets the challenges of HIPAA (USA) and GDPR (EU).

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