Secure, easy call recording for all size businesses

Enhance customer service with ease, using web browser-based call recording that integrates seamlessly with iPECS communications platforms. Empower yourself to analyze and improve the way you communicate with customers. Trust in a tool that stores calls securely while enabling unsurpassed ease of use.


Strive for improvement

Improve the quality of your phone service by listening back, analyzing and reflecting. Use recorded calls for training to help agents aim for best practice. Monitor agents live at the click of a button. View crucial call statistics whenever you need with a tool that helps you aspire to excellence.

Expect convenience

Make recording easier than ever by running it from a web browser with no extra cables needed. As well as customer calls, the tool enables easy conference call recording. Quickly find and manage stored calls using search and play functions. And everything runs on a user-friendly web-based GUI.

Be secure

Take peace of mind from industry-leading encryption on all recording data, so you can keep what you need and ensure compliance with GDPR and similar laws. You can even set calls to record automatically or on-demand so that sensitive or private calls are not recorded.

Rely on call recordings

Due to high availability, call recording with iPECS IPCR is proven to be reliable and stable. Through server redundancy options you can rest assured your call recording solution will always be active and your customer experience will always be at its best.

Key Features

  • Real-time monitoring and recording
  • Single server for all terminals
  • Remote call recording
  • Search and play from database
  • Distributed recording
  • Quick-read statistics display
  • Conference recording
  • High availability
  • Data encryption

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