Powerful call quality management

Easily monitor and manage the health of your VoIP network to ensure consistent high-quality voice traffic. View essential network data in an easy-to-understand graphical user interface. Powerful problem tracking and prevention tools make life easy for network operators and admins.


Ensure high-quality voice calls

Businesses rely on voice calls being reliable and high-quality. By proactively monitoring and analyzing your VoIP network traffic you can ensure the best experience for your customers and teams. Never worry about poor call quality again.

View essential data

Give your network operators access to the essential data they need to keep things running smoothly, ensuring top-level customer experiences. Access and analyze key data including MOS, talk delay, packet loss and jitter statistics.

Get value for money

iPECS eVQM is the voice quality management system for businesses of all sizes. Due to its affordability, it is perfect for small or large-scale deployments. Low system usage and no switch port mirroring means a smooth experience without the need for expensive hardware.

Key Features

  • No switch port mirroring
  • Problem tracking and prevention
  • MOS, Talk Delay, Packet Loss, Jitter statistics
  • Easy user management
  • Uses IETF standard (RTCP-XR [RFC 3611],
  • SIP RTCP Summary Report [RFC6035])
  • eNMS integration
  • Historical reporting

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