Discover the future of communications with iPECS apps and add-ons

Lead the way in communications with a full suite of cutting-edge apps for all business sizes. From Unified Communications (UC) platforms to specialized tools to boost productivity, find all you need to connect your team and your customers.


Connect your world

Build the business communications system you can’t live without. Enjoy compatibility with a comprehensive range of Ericsson-LG Enterprise communications applications, so you can tailor your setup to your sector, your needs and your customers.

Excel in customer experience

Enhance communications with customers and colleagues. Use dynamic monitoring and analytics to respond to customer needs. Manage call routing easily with auto-attendant. Collaborate better with colleagues using UC tools. Whatever the process, the right tools make it easier.

Boost productivity

Make communications efficient with a suite of tools that promote smart workflow and enhance efficiency. Whether it’s call-routing, collaboration or time-saving solutions, pick the apps you need to simplify everyday processes.

Product Information


The UC application that empowers mobility, no matter the location of your phone system. Fully compatible with the iPECS eMG series and iPECS UCP.

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iPECS Clickcall

Make dialling simpler with an easy-to-use click-to-dial application. No need to copy and paste, just click and drag a number on your PC to dial from your desk phone.

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iPECS Attendant

Get your calls to where they need to be. The perfect application for receptionists. Easily manage call volume, queuing and all other call-handling needs with a customizable, intuitive interface.

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Improve your team’s efficiency and enhance training. A tightly integrated call recording and monitoring solution designed for all businesses and contact centers.

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Enhance call quality with smart troubleshooting software. Monitor packet loss and response times between handsets and phone systems to ensure you can always optimize performance.

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Build productivity into your everyday with a best-in-class customizable reporting, analytics and resource management app.

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