Data Networking

Cost-effective and reliable L2 switches

A range of L2 network switches that get your data to where it needs to be. Prioritize the traffic that matters, easily expand and benefit from a highly available network.


Install with ease

Simple installation and setup through a web interface mean your network will be up and running in no time at all.

Prioritize what matters

Advanced Quality of Service (QoS) technology allows you to prioritize the vital network traffic. Give your calls priority to experience the very best in call quality.

Be flexible and expandable

Easily combine multiple switches through stacking technology that allows you to manage all your network through a single interface.

Choose resilience

Backup power and intelligent software provides a problem-free network. Keep connected so that you’re always there for your customers.

Experience the latest in network technology

Future-proof your network and benefit from the very latest in IPv6 technology. Backwards compatible with IPv4 for easy deployment.

Be energy-efficient

Power use automatically adjusts to your activity, so you can keep energy costs under control and be environmentally conscious with the latest green Ethernet technology.

Product Information

ES-3500 Series

A cutting-edge range of Layer 2 network switches to suit all businesses and budgets, to help you manage your network and prioritize traffic with ease.

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