Advanced operation management tool

Maximize network efficiency and make uptime the norm with an on-premise network management system. Set auto-alerts or access via quick view to assess all critical network information. Diagnose problems rapidly to minimize downtime and stay connected and reachable.


Spot problems easily

Benefit from rapid diagnostics to minimize downtime and the business impact of server problems. Monitor systems, service and equipment quickly and easily to keep you online. Uphold your SLA with the web app that makes service level management easy.

Adjust to your needs

Take advantage of flexible configuration with a system you can easily adapt to your business requirements. Set automatic reporting to keep track of performance, or customize alarms to alert you to problems instantly. Monitor, analyze and troubleshoot according to your needs.

Boost efficiency

Keeping your network running is essential. Minimize downtime to maximize efficiency with a network monitoring tool that helps you stay connected. Set up email or SMS alerts for network management personnel so that any downtime can be quickly detected and repaired.

Key Features

  • Multiple iPECS UCMs can be monitored
  • Server grouping: easy to manage large number of servers
  • Network traffic data monitoring
  • Trunk information monitoring: outgoing and incoming route group
  • Disk partition data: detailed monitoring of disk usage
  • Terminal status: busy, idle, disconnect, no answer, hardware, fail
  • Subscriber group information
  • System configuration view: LCM status, TDM G/W status
  • Local SMS interworking for quick notification: S/W modification needed for each carrier

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