iPECS CCX Report Plus

Take customer experience to the next level

The contact center add-on that transforms analytics, resource management and agent productivity. With real-time monitoring and smart reporting, get the insights you need to provide your customers with the best possible service.


Improve agent performance

Monitor individual productivity in real time or with customizable reports. Download easy-to-read charts in PDF or Excel form, detailing each agent’s call statistics. Keep pushing your team to deliver excellence, be their best, and provide the most efficient service possible.

Manage cost intelligently

Manage resources better by allocating them according to need. Get reports for separate divisions and check them against telecoms billing, to avoid overpaying unnecessarily. Choose the analytics tool that allows you to spend smart and boost efficiency.

Assess business metrics

Get real-time information and customize performance reports. Separate reports by division for quick comparison. Configure your own business intelligence reports and display metrics live via wallboard to ensure your contact center is always on track.

Key Features

  • Web based agent and dashboard
  • Proprietary integration
  • Accessible from anywhere
  • Automatic report scheduling
  • Wallboard and alert management
  • Reports generated as PDF or Excel files
  • Real-time reports and wallboard
  • Individual agent reporting and statistics
  • Over 100 powerful reports
  • System performance monitoring
  • Service level reports
  • Powerful carrier tariff interface
  • TAPI based call control
  • Same level CRM integration as iPECS CCX

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