Cloud Professional Services

One stop professional service for iPECS Cloud

Ericsson-LG Enterprise’s Cloud Professional Services can help you get the most out of your iPECS Cloud Solution investment, from initial platform design and installation to comprehensive after sales support.

Rapidly changing market

The communication industry has changed dramatically over the last few years. Faced with the changing technology and business demands, customers need to make strategic choices to address the challenges of maintaining high quality, managing complexity and improving operational efficiency.

Quicker problem solving

When we face any issue, the key to success is how fast we resolve it. If customers who have a problem could access vendor expertise immediately, the resulting quick fault identification and incident resolution could reduce negative impact from the issue dramatically.

High Availability

Identification of problems in a complex network environment is quite difficult, so it's important to manage complexity in order to maintain communication quality and deliver exceptional customer experience.


There is pressure on the market as customers focus on reducing operational costs and capital investment. So exploring cost-effective ways to operate and manage is more necessary than ever and CPS will be the answer.


Professional service from dedicated team

iPECS Cloud Professional Services provides flexibility in how support resources are allocated. A dedicated (rather than designated) team of Ericsson-LG Enterprise support engineers provide incident management and problem resolution support, either remotely or onsite.

Reduce capital cost and recovery time for incidents

Customers can get rapid provisioning and emergency recovery services through a dedicated Cloud professional team. This enables customers to respond faster to incident situations and promotes the efficient use of their IT resources.

Bring your platform online faster, with fewer headaches

Through Cloud Professional Services you can access newly released software immediately. You can easily obtain new and improved functionalities to accelerate the efficiency of your business communications.

Enable staff to focus on your core business

Ericsson-LG Enterprise delivers best-in-breed Cloud Professional Services so that you can keep up with the rapidly changing business environment. With our teams looking after your platform, all you have to do is focus on your core competencies while keeping the minimum level of IT resource.

Key service offering

Platform Consulting

Design & Installation

Upgrade & Modify

On-demand training

Regular technical training

IR Support

Platform version upgrade

Emergency recovery support

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