Business Size

Enterprise communications without boundaries

iPECS Enterprise products give large businesses the peace of mind they need to concentrate on running and growing their business. The product range is secure, reliable and feature-rich, meeting and exceeding the needs of any enterprise business, no matter the industry or size.

Security and Stability

Running an enterprise business requires a communications solution that is always live. Reliable communications are critical to the running of all enterprise size businesses. A secure system that is effective in stopping data breaches and audio interceptions is essential.

Digital transformation

Enterprises that are adopting a digital transformation strategy need a communications and collaboration system that closely fits in to this strategy. Solutions that enhance productivity and allow for smoother day-to-day running are imperative.


Large businesses need a system that is flexible in the way it works and how it can be deployed. An enterprise solution needs the ability to adapt to any network environment or infrastructure. It also needs to encompass a wide range of features and the ability to easily grow.


Enable future growth

iPECS enterprise solutions allow for simple and cost-effective growth. The abundance of deployment methods including modular, on-premise, virtualized, and cloud gives an option for every scenario. A modern licensing model means your system is easily scalable and can grow with your business.

Embrace security and resilience

Our advanced encryption and proprietary signaling protocols offer unparalleled levels of security. With a variety of high-availability options, you can rest assured that in the event of a power or network problem your business can continue to communicate with customers and colleagues.

Advance your business

Enable your business to build upon its success through the implementation of enterprise-grade features and tools. These can increase your team’s productivity and improve customer experience. Streamline the way your business communicates and collaborates with iPECS.

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