Business Size

Future-proofed solutions for mid-market businesses

iPECS have solutions to suit any stage of mid-market business development and growth plans. Choose a system that meets and exceeds your business needs with communication and collaboration tools that help build a solid business foundation. Work as a team no matter where you are located.

Flexibility and Mobility

As businesses become more agile, they require a solution that offers full mobility with the ability to work across multiple offices and whilst on the move. The flexibility to increase the number of users and enable additional applications, integrations and features is a must.

Simple Management

It’s essential that system changes can easily be implemented by IT and general managers alike. The ability to make changes to users and features allows mid-market businesses to work dynamically and proactively make business improvements. Being able to monitor users and run reports is also vital.


Investing in solutions that stand the test of time allows for efficient cost control. Systems that are constantly evolving, as new features or applications reach the market, benefit business in a number of ways. These include reducing capital expenditure and training costs.


Communicate without limitations

Create a productive and agile workforce that can communicate and work seamlessly no matter their location. Embrace the benefits of Unified Communications and watch your team’s freedom and efficiency flourish.

Grows with your business

iPECS systems can easily grow as your business does, whether you need to add additional users, locations or remote users. This easily adaptable system reduces business expansion costs through the utilization of a simple and modern licensing model.

Work together

iPECS solutions encompass both Unified Communications and Collaboration tools (UC&C) into a single platform and application, allowing for true collaboration through multichannel communications. Communicate in a way that suits your users and your business.

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