Business Needs

Simplify multi-site management

Meet the challenges of multi-site management and excel, using a powerful suite of tools to keep your sites connected. Be the best at teamwork and customer experience across cities, countries or continents.


Communication is a big challenge in multi-site organizations. Your sites have shared goals but without shared systems it can be hard to keep track. The right tools increase accountability, reduce mistakes and boost collaboration. If you’re on the same team, you should be on the same page.

Cost Reduction

Costs matter to every business and adding sites can lead to all sorts of additional expense. It is essential to have a multi-site networking platform that suits your business and the distance between sites.


Every business depends heavily on its communications system. High reliability is therefore paramount. If a system fails it can have a detrimental impact on customer experience, business reputation and profitability.


Keep your team in touch

Enjoy the same system across sites. With seamless call routing, system-sharing and presence settings across sites, make communication easy in a multi-site environment. Benefit from single-number service and create a frictionless experience for colleagues, clients and customers.

Strive for expansion

Whatever your business size or growth strategy, take advantage of flexible multi-site solutions that scale without hassle. Easily add or remove sites, no matter where they are located, as your enterprise evolves. Migrate with ease to the Cloud at a time that suits your strategy.

Always be available

High availability solutions to suit any scenario. Whether using an on-premise system or Cloud, you can trust that your communications will stay active. Avoid downtime with automatic failover between sites so that your customers can reach you whenever they need.

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